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    3. Culture

      The philosophy of our company is "honesty and factualism, respect customer, pursuing excellence" and the tenet is "development by credit, exist by quality, benefit by low profit, make friend by honesty". Service tenet: no-package-broking, satisfactory goods, payment after signing contract

      Team spirit:unity and factualism, with one mind, cooperation, co-prosperity
      Factualism:hard work
      Unity:highlighting the honors of enterprise
      Forward-looking:never quit, never fear frustration
      Innovation:actively accept new matter

      Style:respect, honesty, tolerance, caring
      Honesty:honesty, highlighting credit
      Tolerance:tolerant to other people
      Caring:to know others'  needs and difficulties

      Style:seriousness, strictness, activeness, high efficiency
      Seriousness:serious to everything
      Strictness:strict management, penalty and process

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